China Free Trade Agreement

Fremantle1/ February 25, 2016/ Customs and Quarantine Updates

If you import Chinese manufactured goods from China, then you should be aware of the benefits of the new China Free Trade Agreement.


What benefit is this new Free Trade Agreement to me?

As a Chinese goods importer you maybe entitled to a reduction in your duty liability to customs, and in many circumstances that new duty rate is now free. The new agreement came into effect from 20th December 2015.
What items does this apply to?

  • Wholly obtained goods – raw materials grown / harvested /mined from Chinese soil (WO)
  • Goods Produced Entirely in China from 100% Chinese materials (WP)
  • Goods produced in China from non-Chinese Materials as longs as it complies the specific product specific rules (this is where it gets tricky and you’ll need to contact a Broker) (PSR)

How do I find out what my reduced duty rate will be?

Not all China Free Trade Agreement duty rates are free and it depends on the tariff Classification as to what rate you pay. Therefore, it is best to give us a call so we can go through the classification on your products to find out how much you could save.
How do I qualify for the reduced China Free trade Agreement rates?

Your supplier will need to complete the attached Certificate, making sure the suppliers company name and address that appears on the Commercial invoice is exactly how it appears on the Free Trade Agreement Certificate. They also need to make sure the HS code they insert in section 8 is correct also.

Your supplier will then need to take this certificate to AQSIQ or The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade to have the certificate approved and endorsed.

My shipment arrived after the 20th of December 2015 and my supplier has now sent me a copy of the Free Trade Agreement Certificate. Can I get a refund of duties from Customs?

Yes you can as long as the Certificate is valid. Contact us to arrange.

To find out more about importing from China and how you can save money of Customs Duties give us a call or email. You can also find out more information here.