Beware of Asbestos in your imports!

Fremantle1/ June 1, 2016/ Customs and Quarantine Updates

Importing good containing asbestos is prohibited.  Australia has a zero tolerance level of asbestos within manufactured goods. The shift of businesses purchasing goods from overseas has seen an increase of goods coming in from countries that have not banned asbestos, or where allowable levels is acceptable. Some countries regard products to be ‘asbestos free’ if they contain amounts below a certain level (e.g. below 5%) 

Importing contaminated goods attracts huge fines. Fines of up to three times the value of the goods, or up to $180,000, whichever is greater. So it pays to be aware of your risk of being penalised by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


Types of goods at Risk of Asbestos

  • Building Products: High Density Board, Cement Sheeting, Roof Sheeting, Insulation Products
  • Vehicles/Motor Bikes/ Vessels: Gaskets (head and throttle), Brake Pads, Clutch Linings, Friction Materials
  • Mining Equipment: Pre-assembled switch rooms, Effluent Treatment Equipment, Nut Plug, Friction Materials
  • Novelty Products: Healing Crystals/Stone, Magic Fire Wallet, Pet Electric Heating Pads, Thermo Flasks
  • Children’s Toys: Crayons, Remote Control Cars

How you as an importer can comply with the ban on asbestos

  • Request a certificate from overseas supplier that goods or materials are asbestos-free (IMPORTANT: only accept certificates from a NATA approved laboratory)
  • Request evidence from overseas supplier that goods do not contain asbestos (testing results)
  • Arrange to have a sample of the goods tested in Australia. This requires you to apply for an exemption to the prohibition:

You can find more information on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website here.

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