Customs Clearance

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Specialising in the Customs Clearance of: 

Fremantle Customs Brokers are a team of fully licensed Customs Brokers who are members of the CBFCA and are Quarantine Accredited. Save your business time, money and stress by letting our highly experienced team handle your cargo from shipping to customs clearance all the way to delivery to your door.

The Customs Act provides that only the owner of goods or a customs broker licensed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Customs can submit an import declaration to import those goods.
Because of the complexity of the laws governing the importation of goods into Australia (similarly to those of most other countries) and the potential financial and other implications of lodging an incorrect entry, most importers of goods choose to engage a customs broker to act on their behalf.

The Customs Act deems a declaration made by a customs broker on behalf of an owner of goods as made with the knowledge and consent of the owner. The Customs Act can operate to deem a customs broker the owner of the goods but this does not relieve the owner of the goods from liability.

Our software keeps a detailed record of your shipments.  In addition our experienced team of customs brokers maintain an accurate and up to date “parts” database of your shipments from regular suppliers, this is of particular importance for those customers who regularly ship the same goods from the same suppliers as it eliminates the need to reclassify goods into the customs tariff, saving you time. We customize our services to every individual customer, for that personal service you just don’t get elsewhere. So whether your consignment consists of a few different lines of product or you require an itemized customs entry showing hundreds of lines Fremantle Customs Brokers has the system, man power and the experience to meet your customs clearance needs.