NICNAS – The Industrial Chemical Notification Scheme

Fremantle1/ December 6, 2017/ Customs and Quarantine Updates

You may not be aware that all importers (and Australian manufacturers) of industrial chemicals are required to be registered with NICNAS.

NICNAS is a government scheme designed to provide information to regulators and handlers of dangerous or hazardous materials.
The scheme covers all uses of chemicals that are not elsewhere covered under separate legislation, e.g. chemicals that are not therapeutic goods, food products, poisons, or for agricultural or veterinary use.

For most importers, it’s a very simple matter of ensuring your industrial chemical has an approved use, paying a small registration fee, and reporting total quantities to the department once a year

Things get a little more complicated once import quantities exceed $100,000 per year, or if you are introducing new/untested chemicals to the Australian market.

Penalties for non-compliance are quite high; they can exceed $300,000 AUD, and the current lowest level registration fee is a mere $138 per year.
Please do not hesitate to contact us, or the department directly on free call: 1800 638 528, should you have any questions regarding the scheme.