Vessel – Arriving Into Australia under their own power

The clearance of a vessel arriving into Australia under their own power is one of the more complicated commodity for a customs broker to handle due to the range of goods it holds on board. This page should be used as a guide only and is only for vessels which exceed 25 meters in length.

Pre-Requests Before you start

  • You will require a precharged equipment license from the Department of Environment
  • If the vessel is arriving into Australia with a foreign crew, then each crew member has to have a Maritime Crew Visa
  • The Captain of the vessel has to have regular access on board to phone, fax and email
  • Appoint a Tender Company

Determine the port of destination and make a booking with the relevant port authority to ensure a berth space is available for your vessel. It is important to note that a few hours different in expected arrival time does make a difference, so you should keep the port authority up to date on your expected arrival day and time.

Documents to be completed 4 days prior to arrival and should include the below;

  • Commercial Invoice or Contract for the acquisition of the vessel.
  • Receipts for any modifications to the vessel Evidence of costs incurred to transport the vessel to Australia (including Fuel Receipts, Maps, Navigation Equipment & Stores)
  • If you this boat has been owned and used by the same importing company for more than 12 months then the vessel and all equipment on board will need to be valued by an approved customs valuer.

Department of Environment

The Department of Environment requires importers of equipment with pre-charged gas to apply for a Pre-charged Equipment License. Appliances which normally operate using pre-charged gas are air conditioning appliances and refrigeration equipment . Click here for more information