New Department of Main Roads Chain of Responsibility Regulations – Effective 27/4/15

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We wish to advise that the Department of Main Roads Chain of Responsibility regulations will come into effect as from the 27/4/15 which covers all import / export cargo, transported on all types of commercial vehicles.


These new regulations requires the importers/exporters to provide Container / Cargo  Weight  Declaration(CWD) as follows:

1.FCL (Full container loads)

a.        Importers/exporters will be required to provide a Container Weight  Declaration(CWD) for each container , refer below attachment. We therefore suggest that importers before completing the CWD they obtain accurate weight details from their supplier.

b.        Importers /exporters must ensure that the cargo weight is evenly spread throughout the container and the contents secured. 

c.        Container imported into Western Australia the total gross weight is 25000KG for both 40’(12m) or 20’(6m), being the contents weight + packaging material + container tare weight, when delivered by side-loader type transport.

d.       Importers/exporters may incur additional transport costs if the container exceeds 25000KG gross container weight. 

e.        Importers/exporters maybe held liable for any costs as a result of the containers being deemed to be illegal to transport on WA roads, (exceeding legal weight limits or dangerous). These containers may be directed for unpacking or for weight re-distribution etc.



2) Airfreight, break-bulk or LCL (Less than a container Load)

Importers/exporters will be required to provide a Cargo Weight  Declaration(CWD) detailing the weight of each package in the consignment , we therefore suggest that importers obtain this information from their supplier before completing the CWD, see below attachment.


Importers/exporters will be held liable for any penalties/costs resulting from incorrect information provided.


Should transport companies incur additional costs to comply with these new requirements, we will have no option to pass the charges onto the importer/exporter.


Please find below following websites for additional information:

A Guide to Container Weight Declarations



Furthermore we wish to advise that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that effective July 1 2016 regulations requiring All export boxes to have verified “gross container weight declarations”, therefore this may require the shipments to be weigh bridged.


FCL Container Weight Declaration


Airfreight & LCL Cargo Weight Declaration