DAFF Bio-Security

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The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF)  is responsible for managing quarantine controls at our borders to minimise the risk of exotic pests and diseases entering the country. Machinery, especially used Machinery represents a high risk pathway for the introduction of exotic pests and diseases, therefore DAFF Bio-Security takes the inspection and release of these items very seriously and will enforce strict conditions on the cleanliness conditions of each machine arriving into Australia. Depending on the type of machinery being imported several different import conditions may be placed on it.

For example most new machinery DAFF Bio-Security will require the supplier to complete a [download id=”1464″], however even if this form is provided it does not guarantee release of the machinery from DAFF Bio-Security as other risks associated with the goods, place of export, the supplier, etc could require further documentation or inspection.

As mentioned earlier Used Machinery represents a high risk pathway for the introduction of exotic pests and diseases, therefore DAFF Bio-security will require the machine to be thoroughly cleaned overseas and a [download id=”1466″] provided. It is important for the supplier and or cleaning company to be aware that each consignment must be free of soil, mud, live insects, plant and animal debris and other quarantine risk material before arrival in Australia, consignments that fail to meet these requirements risk being ordered for export from Australia. Important points to check are:

a) between dual wheels/rims, muffler surrounds, wheel guards and mud guards;
b) spare tyres, toolbox, tracks and track frames;
c) turret pivot areas and axle beams;
d) engine bays where grease and oil stains may accumulate soil, seeds and plant matter in the residue;
e) radiators;
f) the underside of the machinery (guards and belly plates should be removed for cleaning);
g) hollows, crevices and exposed welded plates;
h) the interior of the cab.

Used machinery such as those used in agricultural, earth-moving, mining, construction & timber-felling machinery will require an import permit from DAFF Bio-Security prior to importing the machinery into Australia, click here to apply for an Import Permit. It should also be noted that any machinery normally requiring an import permit are normally ordered for cleaning and reinspection at a Quarantine Approved Premise, even if no Quarantine Risk Materials (QRM) are found on the initial inspection due to the complexity/size of the machinery. The costs for cleaning, storage, etc are for the importers account, and will normally involve the stripping of the machine back to the bare chassis to allow the DAFF Bio-Security inspecting officer to be able to inspect every nook and cranny for Quarantine Risk Materials.

It is equally important to note that any machinery with unacceptable high levels of contamination can be ordered by DAFF Bio-Security for exportation to a country such as Singapore at your cost. To see an example and phones of a used machine, not requiring an import permit that was ordered for re-export by AQIS (now DAFF Bio-Security) please [download id=”1468″].